Thursday, March 4, 2021

Industry Best Training

Are you looking for an engaging presenter with a deep background in tourism and marketing, that focuses on outcomes for members?

I've been presenting to RTO industry for the past 5 years; I've been building websites, creating brand and marketing strategies, and shooting images and videos for nearly a decade.

Get a customised presentation specific to your industry/region. Here are some ideas you may like to offer your members;

  • How to create messaging that will attract more customers to your product or service.
  • How to create a great product or experience, using a Customer Experience Map
  • Tips to Improve Photography for tourism businesses
  • How to use Canva and Mailchimp to look like a big brand.
  • How a Brand Strategy can make every decision in your business easier, and help grow your business.
  • I need a new website. What are my options in a small business to avoid wasting money and get a good result?

My style is to focus on what your members need. Deliver the message at the right level, giving actionable takeaways, and not overcomplicate things.

I want the same as you – your members to be able to go back to their business and actually implement what they have learned.

Contact me to discuss your training needs.