Things you must include in your DMO industry website.

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If I were (and I have been) a tourism operator, here is what I’d have on my wishlist;

  • Membership
    • Make it easy to understand what’s involved, the benefits, and the costs. Gold Coast do this well.
    • Do this every year, even if I am a member. Assume you have to fight for my membership even if I’m committed already and you know it.
  • The Region’s Brand
    • Help me understand the key archetypes of our visitors. But use language I understand – e.g. Visitor Profiles.
    • Help me understand the region’s brand pillars. Here’s a great example from Daylesford Macedon Ranges that makes it really easy to understand.
    • Also, help me understand what to do with that information.
    • Can I please have access to images? If you want me to use them (and look good) please don’t make it too difficult to access or understand the licensing either. Here’s a great example from Bundaberg Tourism.
  • Campaigns
    • Current and past. Results too.
    • Convince me why I should be involved in the next, and who else I should expect to be involved too.
    • You keep promoting the big guys – why can I get that sort of exposure? (aka. help me understand dispersal and how I can get in on the action)
  • Training
    • Give me online and offline training and networking opportunities.
    • How can you help me expand my presence – ATDW, state sites, 3rd parties, and campaigns.
    • Help me understand the domestic and international visitor, and how to prepare my business for the right one for me.
    • Understand where I’m at in my journey – this should change how you choose to lead my business. Am I new business, do I have a 10 hours a month to market myself, or 40, or does someone do it for me?
    • Please help me make my tourism business better.
    • There are lots of acronyms – help me understand the layers of tourism and how they are relevant to my business.
    • How do I get my brochures into VICs? What should they look like? Include? Where is the best place to print them?
    • How can I get the most out of my membership?
    • How can I contribute to the region being better as a whole?


  • Collaboration
    • Lead me to new opportunities with like-minded operators.
    • How can we share resources?
    • How can you help me create packages for visitors?
  • Inspiration
    • From industry veterans. Who is the best in the business and what can I learn from them?
    • From other regions and destinations. What should I be looking at and how can I research other destinations?
  • Value
    • Remind me of the value you are adding to my business, and show me in data.
    • Keep me posted on relevant grants.
    • Show me where I can follow what you are doing. Social. Email. Anywhere else?

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