Why some tourism brands thrive, and what you can learn for yours.

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Business is complicated enough.

It’s natural to have self doubt, and to be constantly searching for answers to questions you’re asking yourself.

Working with hundreds of small businesses, specifically in tourism, over the past decade one thing is clear.

When a business is looking to improve what they are doing regardless of the channel or platform in question they’re always approaching it from the perspective of what more can I do or what can I add?

Never. I mean, literally never have I heard somebody say, what can we remove or how can we simplify this to make it easy for easier for the customer?

And yet it is the simplest products and experiences in life that we love and use most.

Airbnb made one thing incredibly simple.

TripAdvisor made ranking businesses incredibly simple.

Apple built new industries based on the premise of making things simpler and challenging the status quo.

Next time you are reviewing your website content, your email newsletter, how you communicate on Facebook, or literally any other touchpoint your customer experiences with your tourism product or experience, ask yourself; how can we make this easier for the customer?

Not in some abstract marketing sense either. I’m talking about literally identifying ways you can make it easier for your customer to interact with you, access information they need to make a decision, to place a booking, access availability, find you or visit you.

Because not only do none of us have time to waste, we actually love dealing with products and brands that’s just feel easy.


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