What to write to attract more customers to your tourism business – the exact questions you should answer.

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In the previous article, we provided examples of how to improve a tourism business’s brand messaging by writing marketing messages that focus on the customers wants, desires or aspirations.


  • Swim with Sea Lions and Dolphins (Main Heading)


  • Tick a swim with Seals and Dolphins off your bucket list.


  • Visit Oyster Farm Tours (Section Heading)


  • The freshest oysters you’ll ever eat. Redefine farm to plate.

To improve your tourism brand messaging and your ability to attract and convert more customers, you should ask yourself – ‘What do my customers want?’, ‘What problem does my product solve?’, and, ‘What is the aspiration identity they are trying to become?’.

With the Seal and Dolphin swim example above; tour guests;

  • Want an opportunity to connect with the natural environment.
  • Want to tick off a bucket list item.
  • They want an up-close, respectful and playful experience with wildlife.
  • To learn more about these incredible animals.
  • To feel like people who support the natural environment.
  • To look like good parents providing educational opportunities for their kids.
  • To feel like they’re not office warriors stuck behind a desk their whole life.
  • Instagram worthy moments to brag to friends.

With the Oyster Farm above, visitors want;

  • To learn about the industry.
  • To be able to say they tasted the freshest oysters you’ll ever get.
  • To experience a connection with the provenance of food and producer.
  • To feel like they’re a cultured person.
  • To be able to share the story of how they visited the best oyster farm in the world.

The lists could go on… and these become your marketing messages.

Here are the questions you need to answer;

  • What does my customer want?
  • How does my product or experience solve their problem?
  • What is their aspirational identity? Who are they trying to become by using this product or service?
  • How does the product make their life better?
  • What does failure look like, if they don’t buy?
  • What does success look like, if they do?

Answer these questions in your customer’s words to win.

Here’s a tip. If you’re an established business and have lots of Google reviews, go and see what language your customers (5-star) use there. If you’re new, look at businesses around the world to see how their customers describe the product or experience.


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