What this gorgeous little catering business did right, from day one.

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I was lucky enough to meet a young entrepreneur, Taylah, about two and a half years ago at an industry function offered by Tourism Geelong, in Victoria, Australia.

At the time, Taylah was not long into starting her small catering business. She didn’t have a website. Didn’t have a tourism membership (this function was the impetus to sign up) and wasn’t doing many things ‘right’.

The operative word here is many.

I’m taking nothing away from Taylah and her family, who was supporting her kicking off.

I am giving full credit for not trying to do many things, right.

The few things she was doing right, she was doing VERY right. She was pulling the right levers that mattered to her business.

She valued and delighted every customer she had at this point. She was disrupting a service industry  (catering) that had been around for centuries.

Her aesthetic was beautiful. Her catering was beautiful, and the photos she was sharing were beautiful too.

At this time, I’m pretty sure the only tools they used for promotion were Instagram and word of mouth alone.

What drove the growth was a remarkable product, and it was spreading like wildflowers too.

I remember the challenges Taylah’s mother (I believe) talked about, supporting Taylah running around setting events up and trying to decide on if and when to purchase the next vehicle.

It was such an exciting story and time for them.

That’s the only time I ever met the team from Willow and Wilson. I don’t know them or their business well at all.  But I always remember a story like this because they are too often the exception to the rule.

As I do with many businesses, I watched from afar as the company adapts and grows. I reverse engineer their offering and their marketing in a continuous personal journey of growth and learning.

I do this for my benefit and that of future tourism brand strategy clients.

As a business owner or manager, you often feel overwhelmed by all the things the ‘experts’ are telling you to do. Facebook, Website, Data Tracking, Segmenting, Email Lists, Snapchat, Google Ads, the list goes on…. and on…..

It’s simply not true, and there are heaps of successful businesses I could point at to prove this.

Know this. You don’t have to do all these things well to grow your business.

You have to do a few things very well, and there is no magic formula either.

For Willow and Wilson, Instagram and creating a remarkable product worked in the early days. Now, you’ll see they have a website up and are using Facebook pretty effectively too.

More than anything, two years on and momentarily peering in from a distance, it still looks like a remarkable product, and an incredible visual aesthetic drives the growth.

I’m taking a guess here, but I’m tipping they still aren’t running Google Ads or worrying about building an email list, segmenting and creating ‘sales funnels’, either.

No. They are still just doing a few things very well.

Don’t try to do everything well. Focus on doing a few things very well.


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