What Should You Share in Your Tourism Business Newsletter?

Listen to it like a podcast!

What do you include in your customer newsletter?

Whatever you do, don’t tell your audience what YOU want them to hear.

Instead; focus on what they want. Not what you want.

This is critical if you want to get them open, not unsubscribe, and show interest in your business.

Whatever content you plan to share in your tourism business’ newsletter, run it through the filter of these two questions:

  • Does this add value to the person I’m sending it to?
  • Would the audience care?

If you can’t answer ‘heck, yes’ to both of these questions, your idea or piece of content probably shouldn’t earn a place in the newsletter.

I completely understand that this may feel limiting. You might struggle for ideas.

It’s a muscle you have to build though. The more you practice, the easier it will get.

Please, please, please, do not send a ‘director’s update’, ‘what we’ve been up to’, or ‘news’. These things add absolutely no value to an audience you’ve worked really hard to build.

As a consumer, they are no different from you.

They want value, they want to be surprised and delighted, and they have no time to waste on something that isn’t important to them.


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