Maybe the most underrated tourism marketing tool.

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You judge books by their cover. You pick cereal based on the box.

Wait for it… sometimes you will choose a more expensive box of tissues because of the design that wraps it!

But you hold off on investing in good images to promote your business. Why?

Your customers judge you on your image, including the images you use to sell your business.

Good images are an investment in your business. They are one of the most underrated and underutilised tools a tourism business owner or marketer has at their disposal.

I have no explanation why.

I could guess that it’s a bit like copywriting. Because you can write words, you think you don’t need to hire someone to do it for you.

Because you can take a photo, you think you can do it for yourself.

No, your images won’t look like the images you see on Apple’s new ad for the iPhone X.

It’s not an investment that you can directly track returns. But if selling your tourism product or experience is essential to you. If increasing profitability has value, there is no way around investing in high-quality images that market your business.

What should a photographer cost?

How should you brief them, so you get what you need?

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