Is it better to advertise on Facebook or Google ads for a tourism business?

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The key is to understand the difference between the two. 

Google search is a place people go to have direct questions answered. As such, they are searching for you.

If you have a product or service that provides a solution to a question consistently typed into Google Search, then it may be suitable for you to advertise on Google ads.

Social media paid ads are fundamentally different from Google ads.

People are not on social media, looking for solutions to their problems or looking for your business. They use social media for general one of only a handful of reasons; to connect with family and friends, for inspiration, or entertainment.

When you advertise on social media, you are essentially interrupting them from achieving these things.

So your ad needs to be compelling or inspiring in order to get attention and action.

Because at the end of the day you are competing with entertainment and human connection.

When you might choose Google ads for your tourism business.

Let’s say you are a tour company operating in a wine region. You know that visitors are likely searching for terms like ‘winery tours in abc’, or ‘best wineries to visit in abc’.

To get extra terms to target, or to find out what they are actually searching for, type in what you think they are searching for and then scroll down to the ‘people also ask’, or ‘searches related to’ sections…and there you will find what people are searching for.

There you have the terms worth targeting.

When you might choose Facebook ads for your tourism business.

Let’s say you’re a Segway Tour company and you know people may be searching for things like ‘tours’ or ‘adventure experience’ and similar terms, but not necessarily what you specifically do.

It may not be the best strategy to target loosely related phrases on Google. It may be too costly or competitive.

It may be preferable to target Facebook users visiting the region. Not locals; just visitors. Yes, you can do that.

Set up a brand awareness ad, or considerations ad on Facebook, to drive traffic to your website. Set some extra demographic parameters around ‘interests’, such as ‘adventure experiences’ and you can have confidence your ads will be shown to the right audience, visiting the region right now.

The most important thing.

Is just to start doing something. Don’t get hung up on metrics. Start with a small budget. Something like $10 per day on either platform will be enough to start learning. If you have more budget you can tip into it, that is fine too. You’ll just learn a bit faster about what people are responding to and what is working for your business.

Just start doing something and keep it simple.




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