Ideas that spread, spread by people sharing stories.

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If you want a great business, you need to make it worthy of remark.

If you want customers to remark to others about your business, they need reasons to do it.

Have you raved to friends about an average $29 steak dinner? Probably not. There has to be some reason to tell the story again. In itself, a $29 steak dinner isn’t remarkable.

If you knew you were enjoying the beef reared at the property, that’s a story worthy of sharing.

If the chef in the kitchen was Gordon Ramsey, that’s a story worth sharing.

Worthy of remark.

If the waiter dressed as Elvis and was singing Blue Suede Shoes while delivering a sizzling hot plate steak to the table, that’s a story worth sharing.

Ideas that spread, spread by people sharing stories.

You may not have Gordon Ramsey in the kitchen, and you may not want your staff dressed in costume.

But if you want people to spread the word about your business for you, you need to deliberately architect moments people want to talk about after they leave.

Ask yourself now; what is it about our customer’s experience that gives them a reason to talk about us after they leave.

Design it. Please don’t leave it to chance.


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