How to improve your email marketing for your tourism business; not what you expect

Listen to it like a podcast!

Speaking to a tour operator in Darwin today, she mentioned she had recently completed some short training on email marketing.

She said she ‘had a lot of work to do’ based on the advice given; while also referencing something like adding tracking to links from emails.

I hear this type of thing all the time from tourism operators.

Total confusion about what they should and shouldn’t be doing in their marketing, and a lack of confidence that they are doing the quote ‘right things’ to market and grow their tourism business.

This really frustrates me.

So called marketing experts in the industry have no right to confuse the crap out of people doing THE ACTUAL doing, making them doubt themselves and their business.

You’ve got a good business. Your job is to make it great. Create a remarkable product or experience.

My advise to her was; get the basics right.

Obssess about the experience your customer has at each key touch point with the brand.

Only after you have done this, worry about nuances of marketing.

You might not even get to most of it, and that’s fine.

If you want to improve your email marketing, focus on actually delivering something interesting, of value, to your audience, when they need to hear from you.

Not when you want to interrupt them with what is only important to you.



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