Can’t agree on what to say to attract more customers? Do this.

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No copywriter in the world can tell you if a headline will work.

Marketing professionals, myself included, have systems we trust to help guide our copywriting.

If you work with or learn from anyone worth their salt, they will understand writing with empathy for the customer.

As such, without similar training or a system to trust, you’re at a disadvantage if you’re in conversation with them.

Sure, a marketer can speculate based on experience and precedents. But every audience is different, context differs, and timing does as well, among other variables.

When you find yourself disagreeing on what to do, or say to a customer in your marketing, do this.

Skip the round the table back and forth. No one has a definitive answer.

How? Run small tests and collect data.

After all, if you’re an excellent tourism business leader or tourism marketer, you shouldn’t be worried in the slightest if you are right or wrong. Your only concern should be if it’s the right decision for your business.

No copywriter in the world can explicitly tell you if marketing copy is going to work. Your gut isn’t always right either.

To break a stalemate, test the ideas. It’s cheaper, easier, and faster to do than ever before.

You’ll also know what works, so you can apply that instead of speculation based on, at best, experience, and at worst, ego and pride.

Now you’re probably thinking, ‘How do you test an idea?’ and ‘What’s a system I can use to write better copy?’.

Let’s dive into that in the next article.


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