Using Search and Social Advertising Together to Drive Traffic to your Website Right Now

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Learn how to set up Google Ads and Facebook Ads in conjunction to target audiences in your nearest capital city (day-trippers and overnight stayers) and visitors currently in the destination.

We use a real tourism operator’s ad account so you get to see exactly how to do it in the real world.

This training covers;

  • How to think about the campaigns and audiences
  • Where to find ideas for content for the ads
  • How to target an audience in your nearest capital city
  • How to target visitors in destination right now
  • So you can drive qualified traffic to your product or service without any delay.
  • You’ll come out of this course with 2 ads set up on each platform
  • ….and the confidence to run your own Facebook and Google Ad campaigns.


A quick outline of what we cover in the course.

The difference between Social and Search ads, when to use each.

  • Revisiting the Customer Journey, and the process your customers go through to buy
  • What is the difference between Search and Social ads
  • When to use each, and how to write for them

Think of your ads in these layers (Facebook and Google)

  • In this lesson you’ll learn how to create ads, to what audiences, for what objective. It’s always important to start your marketing from a place of strategy, and this lesson helps you do that.

How to generate ideas for what to write in the ads

  • Where to get ideas from other tourism organisations
  • How to see other business page’s ads on Facebook
  • How to use Google to find Google Ad ideas

Setting up your first (or next) Google Search Ad

  • How you’ll create an ad account if you don’t have one
  • How to set your location
  • How to give Google an idea of your keywords
  • Creating the ad
  • Setting the budget and budget considerations
  • Going live with the ad
  • How you’ll tweak keywords once the ad is live
  • How you’d create another ad, or duplicate an existing one inside a campaign

Setting up a Facebook Ad to a nearby major city (targeting day-trippers and overnights)

  • What Facebook Business Manager is (in brief)
  • How assets are organised in Facebook Business Manager
  • Creating a new campaign and new audiences
  • Using location targeting
  • Setting up an ad
  • How to create variations if you want to

How to create an ad targeting visitors in your destination

  • How to set an ad up to only show to travelers
  • What the display URL is (for example, in case you’re using an external booking website)

Well done!

  • Nice one, you made it! I hope you got heaps out of it and can start running effective ads on Facebook and Google to drive qualified traffic to your website.

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