Getting your first ad running (with an introduction to Facebook Business Manager)

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What you will learn

  • How to strategically consider the key layers of Facebook ads. Campaigns > Audiences (Adsets) > Ads
  • How to think about your Customer’s Journey, and how it maps directly to Facebook’s campaign objectives.
  • How to set up individual ad creative. When to send people to your website, and when to stick to engagement-focused ads.
  • How to set up a Facebook Pixel, so when you’re ready, you can start retargeting people who have been on your website.
  • How to read the data on how your ads are going. How to switch campaigns and ads on and off.
  • Understanding key metrics (result data) for different types of campaigns.

Understanding the Customer Journey and how it maps to Facebook Ads

In this topic you’ll learn;

  • What the Customer’s Journey even is
  • How it can be useful to think about how to advertise to a target audience
  • The typical stages a Customer goes through to buy your products or services
  • What platforms your Customer is using at each stage, and how this should influence how you interact with them
  • How to structure your ads, in Campaigns, Audiences, and Ads
  • How this structure directly leads what you set up in Facebook Business Manager

How to choose various audiences for your ads

  • What to think about when setting your audiences
  • How choosing your audiences related to the campaigns you’re running
  • How to refine your audiences using Facebook’s demographics and interests

Setting up your first ad (A Brand Awareness Campaign)

  • The muliptle ways you can go about entering the Facebook Ad manage
  • Why you should be using Facebook Business Manager
  • Where to go to get started with Facebook Business Manager
  • A quick look around the Ads Manager in Business Manager
  • Why Facebook’s default naming of Campaigns, Adsets and Ads, is terrible!
  • How you go about setting up your first ad, inside a campaign, effectively.

Why the Facebook pixel is essential and how to get started with it

  • What a Facebook Pixel is
  • What it does
  • Where to create yours
  • How you get it from Facebook to your website
  • How to test if it is working
  • A quick look at creating audiences using the Pixel data from your website

Setting up a Consideration Campaign

  • How to set up a Facebook Consideration campaign
  • Why this is different from a Brand Awareness campaign
  • How to think about the language you use on the ads to encourage clicks
  • How to make sure you’ve published your ads (sometimes Facebook will save them as Drafts first)

Starting to understand the Facebook Ads manager data, to know how your ads are going

  • How to start reading results in Facebook Ads manager
  • What clicks, impressions, reach and frequency are
  • How to turn ads on and off
  • When to jump in and look at data

2 Days in – Real results from the campaigns we set up in this course

  • You’ll see the real data from the campaigns we set up in the course, roughly 2 days in
  • We’ll run through the key metrics
  • How to access if an ad is performing and how you would turn it off if it isn’t
  • How to look at results in specific campaigns
  • What a ‘result’ is, for different types of campaigns

A final thought

It was great to help you through the course! We hope you can start setting up some effective ads that effectively convert to sales.

If you have any questions or need help along the way, don’t hesitate to hit us up at support.


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