Build a Shop Website – Start Selling Online in Hours

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In this course, you’ll build a website so you can start selling physical products, gift vouchers, or virtual products online.

  • 23-course videos to follow step by step
  • Go from nothing to purchasing a website, hosting and setting up the site within 2-3 hours
  • An easy to follow, step by step course, designed for the complete beginner
  • Create a beautiful website you are confident to edit and manage
  • Start selling online with no previous web development experience
  • Support from us if you get stuck

Setting up hosting

  • How to buy a web address and register it
  • Choosing a cheap but reliable web host for your website
  • Logging into your new web host

Installing a security certificate

  • Triggering the auto SSL
  • What does https mean?

Installing the WordPress software (the easy one click install method)

  • How to find the auto installer in your host (CPanel)
  • Adding configuration settings
  • Installing the base WordPress software and where to find the new website

Adding a Coming Soon page so you can work on the website behind the scenes

  • How to log into WordPress
  • A quick look at the back end of your website
  • How to install the Coming Soon page plugin
  • Configuring the Coming Soon page
  • Enabling the Coming Soon page, and what that means
  • Previewing your Coming Soon page

A run through the WordPress back end

  • What are posts, pages, media, plugins, users and settings?
  • How to update the admin email

How to install the WooCommerce plugin

  • Downloading and activating the plugin
  • Startup configuration settings
  • Which theme to use for your store

Adding your first product (a variable product, like a Gift Voucher)

  • How to create a new product
  • Adding attributions and creating variations
  • Publishing your first product

Personalising your store

  • Adding your logo
  • Setting a store notice (notifying visitors of your main website)

Configuring Shipping and Tax

  • Setting up tax rates for different zones (GST for Australia)
  • Configuring tax settings in WooCommerce
  • Checking it’s all working for website visitors

Adding PayPal integration to manage payments

Building the home page

  • Deleting the old home page
  • Adding the WordPress Installer
  • Importing a new (better looking) home page
  • Setting the new page as the new default home page

Editing some styles and adding your colours

  • Using the What Font Chrome (or Safari) extension to identify font families
  • Installing and using Colorzilla Chrome Extension to pick web colours from your current website
  • Download the custom code for this step (to clean up the default theme)

Updating your fonts

  • How to identify the fonts on your website and where to find them
  • How to use the custom code to set your brand fonts across the website

Changing the menu and sidebar for what your business needs

  • How to create your own menu and add whatever you like
  • How to customize the sidebar
  • How to add a cart widget to the sidebar, which only shows when someone adds something to their cart
  • Add a Featured Products widget, and how to choose which products show in it

Updating the home page for your needs

  • How to change titles and subtitles
  • Adding your own background images
  • How to add new features and blocks on the page
  • Publishing the page and checking it looks good!

How to add a simple product

Testing the order process, and editing email templates

  • Temporarily setting Shipping and a product at $0 value to test a purchase
  • What email notification your customer gets
  • How to edit email templates if you need to
  • How to update the admin email for where WooCommerce sends order notifications to

Where to find, and how to manage orders

  • Where to find new orders in WordPress
  • How to change the order status in the backend
  • What a change of status means, and what notification does it send?
  • What you need to consider in terms of your offline business process

Adding a Privacy Policy page

  • Where to find the Privacy Policy page
  • How to update the Privacy Policy page
  • Publishing the Privacy Policy page

The easiest way to set up automatic backups you can forget about, but trust!

  • Why you want a backup plugin
  • Which backup plugin to use?
  • Connecting the plugin to Dropbox to store backups (you can use other cloud hosting if you like)
  • How to set the plugin to automatically run at regular intervals

How to add essential tracking scripts like Google Analytics and the Facebook Pixel

  • Which plugin to use to add your code
  • How to add you code to your website using the Head and Footer plugin

Going live with your website

  • Turning your Coming Soon page off so the public can view your website

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