Why do some businesses stand out, in otherwise crowded tourism regions?


There is no shortage of provedores and makers of jams and spreads in regional Australia.

Yet when you visit the Berenberg (meaning, ‘Berry Hill’ farm in Hahndorf, South Australia, the place is full of visitors, with arms full of jars of deliciousness.

What do the do different?

You have heard it before, ‘offer something different’ if you want your business or product to stand out.

But how do you do ‘different’ when you are just another winery or just an accommodation provider?

Different doesn’t have to mean you’re the only business in your region to offer certain features.

Being different can be delivered through service, quality, communications and how your customers interact with your product or features just to name a few.

Being different can just be creating a remarkable product and brand to support it.

It is not an accident Berenberg is where they are.

Their branding is clever, consistent and a little cheeky. It is executed perfectly through their product branding, the farmgate experience, their super helpful staff, their signage and everything else you could see they were doing.

But of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

You couldn’t just go out and make some quality products in this industry and expect to have the same success.

The one part of the formula you can’t see, the most important part, is their X factor.

Call it their Why, their reason for doing what they do, their Passion or Purpose.

Call it what you like, it is the core of their brand strategy.

It is why seemingly normal businesses stand out. Why they attract more customers long term. Why they succeed above all others.

Your aim should no be to appeal to everyone but to be irresistible to some.

This starts at your core and permeates through every function of your business to deliver a unique, remarkable experience regardless of how congested your industry may be.


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