How to get more 5 star reviews; it is far simpler than you think.

Listen to it like a podcast!

There are some experiences around Australia, I am near embarrassed to admit I haven’t left a 5-star review for.

It’s not that I gave them a lower review. I just didn’t review them at all.

When a fair value exchange probably shouldn’t have ended with what we paid or didn’t pay for an experience.

You see,  I’ve been travelling around Australia with my family for nearly a year now.

In that time we have enjoyed tons of products and experiences around the country. Many of which have been exceptionally good. Truly remarkable.

But literally, out of hundreds or experience and holiday parks, we have been asked maybe two or three times. Usually, after a conversation with the owner or manager, where we have raved about our experience.

How many missed opportunities around the country for other operators?

If you’ve done the work to deliver a remarkable experience, which has exceeded the customer’s expectation, you have brownie points in the bank.

Ask for a five-star review.

Seriously. Just ask.

Tell your customer how important it is to your business and how much it would mean to you and cash in those brownie points.

You will be surprised just how many people reciprocate.


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