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Everything you are doing in marketing is wrong.

At this point, I suspect you are either thinking ‘this person is a fool’ or, ‘here is another clickbait heading’.

It is nothing of the sort, and I bet I can convince you I am not wrong.

Answer this question.

What is your brand strategy?

If you can’t quickly and accurately answer that question, then trust me, your marketing approach is, without question, wrong.

Not having a brand strategy is why the thought of creating another Facebook post provokes anxiety or frustration. It is why you are procrastinating fixing your website and it is why your marketing lacks clarity and direction.

Don’t worry at all, though.

We’re not here to stress out about what you are and are not doing in your business. We’ll leave that to the marketing agencies of the world.

We’re here to empower and educate you.

Here is the good news.

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There are very few businesses, even the big ones, that have a brand strategy and implement it. So you are not behind.

You’re actually about to get in front, a LONG way in front.

Over the next few days, we’re going to dive into;

  • what a brand strategy is
  • why a brand strategy is critical to your business
  • the steps to create one for your business

In the next article in this mini-series, we answer the questions;


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