One Popular Belief About Tourism Businesses Crushed In Just a Few Paragraphs

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One could create a better pub than most. It would have a nicer chairs, more modern design, a marble bar and all the trappings you’d expect at the Ritz.

Put said better pub on a transit route in the Australian Outback and you still wouldn’t go close to how popular Daly Waters pub is.

Because, different, is better than better (Tyra Banks).

It seems every external surface of the pub is covered by travellers ‘things’. International monies. Shoes. Writing. Business cards.

Many people have left their story on the walls. Many people, ‘own’ a piece of the pub.

The design, is at best, rustic and mismatched. Yet it all goes together. It feels like nowhere you have been before.

It is dysfunctional in many ways.

But it is so different to the rest and that is why people flock to it. Hundreds of travellers every night.

There are many tiny towns along the Outback route. Yet travellers stop at Daly Waters.

There is nothing else to do there. Nothing. The town must have a population of less than 100 permanents.

Get your head around that. A town whose population is less that the nightly patronage of its very *different* pub.

You could stick a polished, poised pub in Daly Waters and it would be nothing more than a placeholder with very little visitation like the many other pubs on this route.

Better is not better. Different, is better.


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