Why are you on [insert social media platform]?

Listen to it like a podcast!

If I had a dollar for every time I’ve asked a business why they post on social and get a blank stare back or wishy-washy answer, well… I’d probably have a bit over 100 dollars.

Start a business.

Get a logo.

Get a Facebook page.

The rest is optional. Or at least it seems…

Everybody wants to be on social.

You are familiar with it. You post every few days and interact with friends.

But have you ever considered if it is right for your business? How would you now?

Answer this question for your tourism business now.

Why are we on [insert social media platform]?

Really. Before you do anything else today. Just think about that question and if you can’t answer it right now, start working on your why.

If you get clear about what you are trying to achieve on social media (organic or paid), you will have more clarity about what, how and when to post. You will also be able to assess if it’s working for you.


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