Breaking down what makes a good Facebook Ad for a tourism business (with examples).

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If you either currently advertise on social media, or know you should be, but you don’t know how to approach creating the ads this the inspiration you need right now.

We’ve broken down a few of the key components of a Facebook Ad to show you how you can (probably should) be using them. The headline, image, description and a couple of other gold nuggets to think about.

The headline captures attention. The one job of the headline is to get people to stop and read more. It has to be good enough to make them want to do that. You may create a sense of urgency. (Scarcity is one of the tactics). You may show a discount. Something has to make people stop.

The description provides a bit of info and provokes curiosity. Use a little or much text in this spot. I’ve found myself reading blog length descriptions if the copy is good. I’ve also ignored far more short descriptions. It’s not about the length of the description; it’s all about the content.

If you’re using an image, try to make it exciting or inspiring – anything but stock. Sure, you might not be working with an icon like Kata Tjuta. If you’re running a tour business, it’s not about the transport. It’s about the destination. The shared experience. What’s the most inspiring, provoking or engaging image you could share?

You (may) leverage the current tourism campaign messaging at State or Region level. (April 2021 – ‘Seek Different’ – N.T, Australia). It’s a great way to use language that is probably already reinforced through repetition in their campaigns. Let the state or regional tourism pay the ‘brand awareness’ tax of repetition and education around the messaging. You can swoop in once the campaign has established itself in the market with a bit of awareness and leverage the best of it.

You don’t always have to sell or get clicks to the website. Sometimes, it’s about building the brand and positioning long term to your ideal audience.



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