A Facebook Ads trick that most people don’t know, guaranteed to give you a massive edge.

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This will blow your mind when you learn it. You’ll wonder why no one has told you before and you’ll start thinking about all the possibilities of what you can do with the new information you’ll discover.

Here goes.

On any Facebook business page there is a link to visit ‘page transparency’. Usually on the left hand side under other about info, but by the time you are reading this, that may be redundant. So just CTRL-F (or OPTION F on Mac off a guess) and type ‘transparency’, and the browser will highlight it.

Click that and you’ll go to the page’s Ad Library. Literally any ads that page is currently running.

Once you’re on that page, you can also search any other business on Facebook. Any. Business.

You can now find ads from any business on Facebook.


Imagine the possibilities.

Insights into your competitors.

Other examples from around the world including looking to other industries simply for inspiration.


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