Why there is no other place like Disneyland, and what you can learn from it.

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Disneyland is a theme park. Essentially a collection of rides and experiences to thrill and excite you for the day. There are many theme parks around the world but only one Disneyland.

What is so different about Disneyland, which captures the imagination of generations who share the enthusiasm to go? Why do people flock from all over the world to California to visit the original Disneyland?

Why don’t they save time and money and visit a closer theme park?

It is because people are not going there for the rides. They are visiting to experience Disneyland, the most magical place in the world.

You can’t decide a great customer experience. You have to design it.1

Disney has meticulously designed every touchpoint its customer encounters.

The short ride from the car park to the gate is fun. From the moment you walk in, your senses are overloaded. It is beautiful, big, and wonderous.

You ask, ‘What’s the smell?’, as hidden vents pump scents triggering your senses.

Impeccably clean because the most magical place on earth would be, right?

Your favourite characters are wandering around, hoping for an opportunity to hug you and take a photo.

Music plays at a constant level throughout the park.

All of your senses are constantly triggered and challenged.

You are the celebrity. Choose your own adventure.2

None of these moments exists by chance. They were designed to make you fall in love with the feeling of Disneyland. To leave believing it may just be the most magical place on earth.

Disneyland is more than a theme park. Disneyland is a show — and you, Walt’s guest, are both the star and the audience. Walt made sure you would never find a single false detail to spoil the illusion.3

You might think customer experience is all work and no profit. But you’d be wrong. Research has shown that experience is one of the richest areas to mine for shareholder value.4

What is the take away for your business?

Simply being aware of the need to design your customer’s experience consciously will help you improve it.

Take it further by considering some of the best businesses and customer experience from your industry or further.

What experiences have lasted in your memory? Can you reverse engineer why? What can you learn from or design in a similar way for your business?

Customer Experience is a muscle you have to work on over time, to improve. Understanding what your customers are actually buying, and designing yours is the only path to creating a truly remarkable business.

1,4. Brand Flip, The Why Customers now run companies and how to profit from it (voices that matter) – by Marty Neumeier.

2,3 Walt’s Disneyland: It’s Still There If You Know Where to Look” by Jim Denney.


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