The dilemma of too many options – how to quickly confuse your customers.

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Imagine you’ve just jumped out of the car, and you’re walking into the grocery store to grab some steak for dinner.

You walk into the store, confronted by the most incredible range of steak you’ve ever seen. Not only is there all the varieties, but the types of beef is also even more expansive.

Expensive, cheap. Grain fed. Grass fed. Hormones. No hormones.

Just a massive range.

You came in to grab a couple of steaks for dinner. Now you find yourself confused by a wall of choice.

Now, imagine you walked into a boutique butcher on the corner of a small street. They offer four types of steak. Expensive & cheap, rump & scotch fillet.

In which shop are you more likely to make a decision and move on?

Giving customers too much choice confuses them. It slows them down and increases the likelihood that they will not decide at all.

Aka they leave without buying anything.

When you have too many products, items on your website or in your brochure, you’re creating the same problem.

It’s your job as a tourism marketer or business owner to make decisions easy for your customer.

It’s your job to remove friction and make it easy for them to move to the next stage of the customer journey.

Avoid overwhelming customers with choice unless you want them not to choose at all.


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