Life changing marketing.

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Marketing is not a battle, and it’s not a war or even a contest. – Seth Godin.

Your competition is not the lady down the road or the business across the street.

Your competition is yourself – to create a product remarkably different and excellent.

A product or service that solves a real problem for people and moves them toward the future version of themselves they envision.

You are not selling door to door insurance in the 1930s. You’re in the tourism industry, for heaven’s sake!

The task at hand is not to trick or coerce someone to choose you. If it needs to be, you haven’t created a different enough or excellent product or experience at all.

If you have to coerce your next customer, you also most certainly won’t build the word of mouth machine you need to be a successful tourism business in your region.

When you advertise or market your tourism business, it is often the first step in leading customers to a solution or experience that may change their life.

If you view marketing your tourism business as such, you will recognise it as a privilege. Not something to shy away from, but to embrace.

A worthy craft that, if you get right, you have the opportunity to influence someone’s life. If not for a lifetime, a moment.

Marketing is a unique opportunity, then. Constantly challenge yourself to design a product or service worthy of it.


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