A Story of Astonishingly Good Customer Experience You Will Think Is an Impossible Standard

Listen to it like a podcast!

Picture this. You’ve headed off for a weekend away with the family. You have your camper in tow and are looking forward to some downtime by the pool. The kids are looking forward to having some freedom to have fun around the holiday park without too much supervision.

When you pull into the holiday park, you pull around to the front gate where a staff member is waiting to greet and express check-in new arrivals instead of getting out of the car.

Before you know it, you’re already heading towards your site to set up for your weekend away.

In the evening, you take the kids to the free movie on the grass. But they get a bit bored, so instead, you choose an evening swim under the stars. They love it.

The next morning the kids run down to the BBQ area to get a free sausage in bread for breakfast. Put on by the holiday park team.

No need to worry about breakfast for the kids; that’s a big tick!

Later that afternoon, you’re back at the pool deck relaxing while the kids have a whale of a time.

Shortly after arriving by the pool, some live music kicks off and plays into the early hours of the evening before another movie plays for guests.

After a full weekend away, barely leaving the holiday park and fully refreshed, you pack up and head for the gate.

Where you find there is no need to jump out of the car. A staff member is waiting to check you out at the gate. Ready to receive your access cards and say thank you for visiting.

Does this sound like a remarkable experience? Perhaps even a little far fetched?

Yes, it is both.

But it did happen for guests for the long weekend here at West Beach Parks in Adelaide. Not a word of that story is fiction.

If you are worried you can’t spend $200 on live music to improve the customer experience, and get more people talking about your business, remember that your competitors will.

When they do, guests will not only return; they will rave about their experience to anyone who will listen.

Meeting basic expectations is no longer enough if you want a highly profitable, thriving business.

You need to design a remarkable experience, or someone else will.


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