Do these 7 things and you have a Customer Service Strategy for your tourism business.

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Train your team. Don’t leave customer service to chance. A mission and values statement on the wall does nothing to compensate for lack of training.

Consistently deliver. Once the customer services expectation is set, hold the entire team accountable to deliver the expectation every time. You create your customer’s perception of your brand through every brand touchpoint, small and large. Every one matters.

Bring energy. More than I do, as the customer. If you’re not enthusiastic about your product or service, why should I be?

Worry about the small things. You might think that minor improvements like how you greet someone, what the menu looks like, or allowing split bills are just that, minor improvements. Summed together, they make a significant difference to the customer experience.

Set the expectation and over-deliver. The fastest way to a  less than five-star review is to fail to meet the expectation set. To some degree, you can control the expectation through the brand stories, images and messaging you use. Always leave room to surprise, delight and over-deliver. Even the most straightforward or cheapest product or experience can attract a five-star review.

Help the customer. I know; mind blown; right?! What I mean by this is stop trying to sell to the customer and try to help them instead. You’ll build trust quicker and sell more too.

The customer is not always right. But there is something to learn from every customer who disagrees with you. Park your ego for a moment and put yourself in their shoes. If they complain about price, service, or something else, look for the learning opportunity in what they’re sharing.

Consistently improve. You’re never going to be Starbucks, Nike or Apple. But you can significantly improve your customer experience by using this one technique.


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