2021 Marketing trends for Travel and Tourism Businesses

Listen to it like a podcast!

The climate will force businesses to get better. The businesses that were hanging on by a thread won’t be around anymore.

Better products and experiences are a must. Read on.

A move away from Facebook. You’ve felt it too, right? You’re not as engaged with Facebook as you used to be. There is way too much negativity and argument on there, and less inspiration than ever. Travel is all about inspiration.

A move to Instagram. Because it is the opposite to Facebook.

Reviews are more valuable than ever. Tripadvisor and Google reviews will be more critical. You need a review acquisition strategy. YESTERDAY.

Google Ads will become popular again. Get on them before they go off. Start running some small tests to determine what terms you should be targeting and how much it should cost you. Track what works and what doesn’t.

Naturally, do more of what works.

We’re all more inclined to travel locally. Look to the likes of Airbnb to go hyper-local with experiences. I’ll be honest, I have no experience with Airbnb Experiences. Do some research and see if a presence is right for your businesses. At the very least, be aware that it will grow and for some tourism businesses out there, it’s going to impact you.

There was a massive shift in 2019-2020 from Local Tourism Authorities and Regional Tourism Organisations to engage and support operators. Expect this to continue. My theory is, they’ve realised you are the real hero in the region. Without you, most won’t exist. Use this to your benefit.

Overall, in 2021 and beyond, people are looking for better experiences and products. There’s a trend to spend more to live the lifestyle you want.

The opportunity for your tourism business is not to race to the bottom with pricing. It is to add features and benefits and design better experiences.

To craft every touchpoint your customers have with your brand and build remarkable experiences worth sharing.


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