What if I set you a challenge. Not spend a dollar on marketing or advertising for two years.


Create something.

Advertise it.

Expect it to work.

That’s the formula. Right?

What if I set you a challenge. Not spend a dollar on marketing or advertising for two years.

How would you change your current approach *to everything* in your business?

My bet is you would do at least these two things a whole lot better than you do today.

One. You would be far more conscious of delivering a remarkable experience to the customer standing in front of you.

Two. You would place more currency on their ability to carry your brand by word of mouth.

You would feel like it were harder to spread the word without the ability to buy that attention (advertise). So, you would work harder with what attention you do have. You would place a higher value on it.

Small businesses all too commonly try to sell an average product to a completely average demographic by buying more ads.

It feels more scalable than focusing on the opportunity in front of them.

It’s a fallacy.

You may not have the courage or financial runway to turn off advertising for two years.

But consider what you might be able to achieve for your brand if you were to treat the customer standing in front of you like they were the only mouthpiece you had to reach your future customers.

“The most important lesson I can share about brand marketing is this: you definitely, certainly, and surely don’t have enough time and money to build a brand for everyone. You can’t. Don’t try. Be specific. Be very specific. And then, with this knowledge, overdo your brand marketing. Every slice of every interaction ought to reflect the whole. Every time we see any of you, we ought to be able to make a smart guess about all of you.” (from “This is Marketing: You Can’t Be Seen Until You Learn To See” by Seth Godin)


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