What does your Tourism Brand say about your customer?

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For the most part, when your customer buys what you do, in their mind, it moves them towards the aspirational view they have of themselves. An adventurer who wants to discover things off the beaten track, a risk-taker getting the most out of life, or maybe a cultured person with sufficient wealth to support makers and creators. Artists.

It is especially true in the tourism industry.

There is a tremendous private property on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria, The Lon Retreat.

Gorgeous gardens. To-die-for location, close enough to hear waves crashing nearby. The architecture, considered and flawlessly executed. Ladies and gentlemen, serving ladies and gentlemen.

There are only a handful of rooms available. It is opulent and exclusive in every way.

If you stayed there, how do you think it would make you feel? Imagine the kick out of it you would get?

There are many accommodation choices in regional Victoria, so why would someone from Melbourne looking for a couple of days away choose this property?

Yes, perhaps they haven’t explored The Bellarine yet. Maybe they’ve chosen the Daylesford spa region many times before and want a change.

The Lon Retreat have built such a strong brand that it is a destination in itself, not just accommodation to facilitate another experience in the region.

Why is it a strong brand? Because from day one, the owner, Claire, has had clarity about the Brand she is building, whom they are making it for, and what they stand for.

Claire knows why they will pay a significantly higher than commodity price for a commodity – accommodation – and gives them that. Claire knows what The Lon Retreat brand says about guests who visit.

You don’t just get brag worthiness when you stay. You feel you’ve arrived or are arriving (in life).

The only way to rise above a commodity price in your industry segment is to build a brand other people care about, want to talk about and share in, long term.

To have incredible clarity about what your Brand say about your ideal customer.


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