What are your customers actually buying?

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If you’re a winery, they’re not buying wine.

If you’re five star accommodation, they’re not buying a room.

If your a provedore, they’re not buying boutique meats.

If you’re a tour operator, they’re not buying a seat on the bus.

So…. what are they buying? And why is it critical you have clarity about this?

If you’re a winery, and they buy a bottle of wine, they’re buying an identity. They’re taking home the memory of the experience, and a bragworthy moment for friends.

Well known marketing thought leader, Seth Godwin, calls it a ‘souvenir’ of the personal connection made today. 

If you’re five star accommodation, they’re buying an experience. A memory. An identity.

If you’re a provedore, they’re buying an identity. Connection with the idea of supporting makers and creators. Connection to provinance. A story.

If you’re a tour operator, they’re buying an identity. A once in a lifetime experience. A shared experience with family or friends. The idea that they are an adventurer. An explorer. Someone who leads an exciting life.

No doubt you can see a connection here. Every purchase moves an individual from where they are now, to where they want to be. An aspirational identity.

If you can connect with your customer’s aspirational identity, what they are actually buying, you have the messaging you need to communicate in a way that moves them to choose you.


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