The only way to become the brand you aspire to be.

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This article is the last in a short series about creating a Brand Strategy for your tourism business. If you are new, start here.

You have a shiny new Brand Strategy statement. One that you agree is genuinely you. You know that if applied, it can lead all decision making in the business, from HR to marketing.

Time to use it.

Stick it up on the wall in your office and share it with your team.

Not only the Brand Strategy but the process used to create it. Why you needed it in the first place and what it does for you as a collective.

It is your new North Star. It will help you become the Brand you aspire to be.

It can only do this if you adopt it, communicate it, and use it.

Let’s return to our fictitious example (first created in this article) of a tour company striving to deliver personal experiences for every customer.

Say, for example, you are creating a new website. It would help if you were referencing the brand strategy and also providing it to the agency or web developer building your website.

The look and feel of a ‘personal’ company is different to that of a ‘classy’ company.

The way you talk about yourself is widely different for each example. Even the features on your website are likely to be different depending on your Brand Strategy.

You should review every touchpoint with your company through the filter of your new Brand Strategy.

  • Is the way we communicate by email, personal?
  • Do all of our tour guides consistently commit customer names to memory?
  • Are all of our tour guides familiar with the winemakers and have a relationship with them?
  • Does the look of the brand (the visual identity) feel personal?
  • How are we making sure that every group that goes out has a unique experience?

And so on…

Creating a remarkable customer experience that aligns with your aspirations for your brand, relies on it.

It is how you are going to grow beyond your wildest dreams.

I can’t stress this enough. It is at this point that most businesses fail with the strategy process. They have it in hand, have full intention of adopting it and using it, and then get so busy running the business they forget it exists.

The Brand Strategy will do nothing for your business unless you bake it into everything that you do.

It must remain present with every decision you are making from this point on.


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