This is why your gut is telling you your marketing isn’t quite right.

Listen to it like a podcast!

It feels familiar, do-able to set up an ad for your business or work with a designer to create a brochure.

You’ve touched and felt many brochures before. You’ve seen tons of ads on social and on Google.

It’s familiar, and you can get right to it. Right? It is also why you started marketing your tourism business this way.

But approaching your marketing from this bottom-up approach is why your marketing is failing. It’s why your gut tells you that you don’t quite have it right.

If I said to you, you need a Brand Strategy and a Marketing Strategy before you start doing anything to promote your business, your stomach would probably be in knots.

You’d feel overwhelmed with the thought, wouldn’t know where to start, and you’d probably fall back to the old ‘let’s just run this ad’, or ‘design this brochure’ and worry about that later.

If at all.

But make no mistake, it’s critical to the long term success of your business.

The best businesses in the world, take a top down approach with their marketing.

They’d never consider setting up a Google Ad or designing a brochure before they knew where they wanted to take their brand, who their audience was, and what the marketing strategy is.

A top-down marketing approach is why Coke is Coke, Nike is Nike, Apple is Apple, and the most prominent holiday park franchise in your country is the biggest holiday park in your country!

Here’s how it works.

  • Brand Strategy leads to Marketing Strategy.
  • Marketing Strategy leads to Marketing Plan
  • Marketing Plan sets the Marketing Channels
  • With the Marketing Channels selected, you can allocate Marketing Actions.

Marketing Actions are what you’re doing now. Things like advertising on Google or Facebook and sending out email newsletters. All the tactical things.

See how marketing actions are the last thing you define?

Doing it any other way is like trying to choose how to pack your backpack when you haven’t chosen the hike you’re doing. Not only have you not picked the hike, but you also haven’t picked the National Park you’re going to. Not only have you not picked the National Park, but you also haven’t picked which State you’re visiting a National Park in!

How can you set a marketing strategy when you aren’t clear on the brand you hope to build?

How can you write a marketing plan when you aren’t clear on your strategy to reach, engage and serve your ideal customer?

How do you choose which marketing channels to use when you don’t have a marketing plan?

Take any one of the steps out of the process, and at best, you’ll miss an opportunity to grow your business. At worst, you might ensure failure altogether.

My call to action on this article is this; start with brand strategy.


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