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Are you going to be a ‘Mom-and-Pop’ business, or do you aspire for a great business? Decide now, because you can’t be both.

You know them, the Mom-and-Pop businesses. They’re often a joy to interact with because they’re quirky, quaint or interesting.

However, they are also often a mess behind the scenes.

Their brand looks like it was created in MS Paint in 1994 or from clip art, and you look at them like ‘oh, that’s cute’, not as a competent brand geared up for success.

You can’t be both.

If you want a successful, sizeable business, at some point you have to pay for expertise that will impact your business and set you up for success.

If you want to be a cute Mom-and-Pop business adored by a few, but not know by many. That’s totally cool.

Align your actions with your long term strategic objectives. If you aspire to have a great business you work on, not in, then invest in it. There’s no way around it.


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