A stunning revelation: the brand you created is not yours (and this is not clickbait).

Listen to it like a podcast!

Your brand belongs in the heart and mind of every individual that interacts with it.

The idea that you don’t control your brand is a strange concept.

After all, you created the logo, picked the brand colours, picked the bottle design and the business cards.

Yet you don’t control what your brand means to someone.

At best, you influence it.

At worst, you create a product or service and never think about what your brand means to someone.

Let me demonstrate it.

When I say, ‘Contiki Tours’, what thoughts does this conjure up?

When I say, ‘Penfolds Wines’, what thoughts does this conjure up?

When I say, ‘New York Yankees’, what thoughts does this conjure up?

I guarantee you, no two people on the planet share precisely the same thoughts and feelings about these brands.

Yet, we all see the same logos, colours, bottle design and business cards.

Our view of the brands we interact with is shaped by our experiences with those brands, at every point we touch it.

In marketing, we call them touchpoints.

When our brother returned from a Contiki trip, he regaled the stories of late nights in Rome.

When you visited Yankee stadium, and the team mascot gave your daughter a high five, you remember how that made you feel.

When you shared a bottle of Penfolds Grange during a once in a lifetime dinner with friends, you remember what a special night that was.

You don’t remember the logo, the bottle, the brand colours or the business cards. You remember how the brand made you feel.

You associate this feeling with the brand, and that becomes the brand to you.

Are you influencing what your brand means to customers by designing your customers’ experience at each touchpoint? Or are you leaving it up to chance?


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