A bigger logo, never sold anything; and other common design mistakes.

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The most common design mistakes, are consistently driven by subjective biases that don’t contribute to attracting and engaging the target audience.

I need a bigger logo.

No, you don’t. You need to focus on solving a problem for your customer.

It’s too busy, it needs to be cleaner.

No, it doesn’t. You need to effectively communicate what you do, to your customer.

The text should be bigger.

No, it doesn’t. Every single day hundreds of millions of people have no trouble reading 8pt font on Facebook.

It needs to ‘pop’ more.

No, it doesn’t. It already effectively positions your brand and appeals to your customer.

Always…..  absolutely always, without compromise, focus design on attracting and engaging your target customer.

If a design doesn’t do this, it is failing at the one job it has to do.

Don’t be led by personal biases.



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