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The riskiest tourism business strategy; you are probably doing it too.

Today, safe is incredibly risky.

You think that niching down, appealing to a smaller group of prospective customers is a risk.

You think that having a massive audience to target is the only way you can grow your business.

You think it is safe.

Perhaps, thirty years ago, it was when brand awareness strategies consisted of broadcast advertising focused on wide-scale reach and impressions.

The problem is your best competitors now target the exact audiences you are trying to generalise to, very specifically.

No general audience exists any more because advertising now reaches every person on the planet based on their interest, beliefs, and demographics.

You think that appealing to everyone is safe. You only need a small amount of a considerable number to have a business model that works.

The average person you’re trying to reach isn’t there anymore.

Trying to build a business targeting them is a lost cause. It’s not the safe option.

Today, safe is incredibly risky.


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