One Critical Step To Help Your Brand Strategy Stick, And Become A Remarkable Tourism Business.

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If I gave you a Ferrari and said to you, take good care of it, as one day not far in the future, it will almost certainly be a collector’s item.

Far more valuable than it is today. Say, enough to retire comfortably.

With that, I handed you a succinct rule book and a very specific maintenance kit.

The rule book is only two pages long. It includes a few guidelines for looking after the vehicle to return the best value when the time comes to sell.

The kit includes some cleaning materials formulated for this exact vehicle and colour.

To turn the car into the collector’s item and retire comfortably, you only need to do two things.

One – you must meticulously stick to the rules in the rulebook.

Two- only use the product in the maintenance kit.

The rules are clear, and a lot is on the line.

So will you adhere diligently to the process and trust that in time you have extracted all potential from the vehicle and have the collector’s item that sees you into a comfortable, happy, early retirement?

You would, right?

Yet, the exception to the rule is that you do. ‘You’ – being similar business owners just like you. I know this from experience working with many tourism businesses owners, managers and marketers.

See, you have a good tourism business which could be remarkable if you follow a few steps.

The steps are; get clear on your audience and how you communicate with them, clarify aspirations for the brand and brand position, create a strategy, and start ‘doing’ things to implement it.

‘The doing’ only comes after the former steps and is always led by strategy.

The strategy is the rule book and specific kit in the Ferrari example above. ‘The doing’, is the maintenance, cleaning and garaging.

Every time you do something ‘off-brand’, you compromise the positioning of your in the customer’s mind. And you compromise the long term value of the asset. In this case, your tourism business.

You think, “It’s just one Facebook post, and I think it’s funny”. At best, your audience ignores it, or you may get a little engagement from friends and family. At worst, they are confused by who you are, who you are for and what you stand for.

These actions compromise the brand.

The Brand Strategy is that rule book and maintenance kit. So specific that it fits no other business than yours.

But it is no good if you fail to diligently refer to it as a filter for decision making, small and large, in the future.

I see it all the time – failure to stick to apply the Brand Strategy to decision making in the business. And it is costly. Now and also for long term opportunity.

To avoid this, you need a Brand Steward.

Someone who regularly watches the actions in the business to ensure they align with the Brand Strategy. So you continue to build the valuable asset and remarkable business you know it can be in the future.

So you avoid the inevitable distractions or wandering off the path to your aspirational Brand position.

If Brand Strategy is a new concept to you or you want to create yours, start here.

If you want help to get it right, I’m available too.


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