You should be onboarding members, like you would a new employee.

Listen to it like a podcast!

A membership is more valuable, when the member is engaged and understands how to get value out of it.

To understand how to get value out of the membership, new members need a thorough induction and hand holding until they settle in.

What can you do?

  • A welcome pack
  • A pin badge. You want them to feel like they’ve found their people. This brands them as a member of the team and proudly shows other people they are too.
  • Teach them how to reach out to other members.
  • Deliberately introduce them to hand picked businesses that they absolutely need to meet
  • Teach them how to participate
  • Lead them to a video testimonial so they understand the value they can get, by learning about how a similar business has used their membership to thrive
  • Appoint other members as a buddy to get them involved
  • Introduce a personal point of contact from your team so they feel OK about who to contact if they need something.

They are just a few ideas. To come up with more that suit your DMO, think about what some of the ways you have personally experienced being on-boarded to roles.

What made you feel included? What can you take from these experiences and implement for your members?


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