What should you be teaching operators in 2021?

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The same stuff you were teaching them in 2018.

Unfortunately, most small businesses face the same brand, business and marketing struggles they did 3 years ago.

The things that have changed in the equation are outside influences.

The world has changed drastically in that time.

Data and privacy are being constantly srcrutinised, as are the behemoths that control the majority of it.

Facebook isn’t as cool as it used to be. Organic reach for most businesses is almost non existent.

New platforms have emerged.

Consumer expectations have changed.

Visitors want to book late, have protection against macro risks (e.g. refund policies in case something changes), and as a result they demand better information (and capacity in general) from regions and operators.

Three years ago you were teaching them how to get their business on social media platforms that matter to their business. How to improve their email marketing. How to improve their design, photos and marketing material.

Some did; they learned and implemented.

But most are still challenged in all of these areas.

If you don’t have capacity to offer customised training for operators at different stages of their business journey my advice is, stick with the basics with one difference.

Offer training to smaller groups, more frequent, in a more hands on way.

Get them to pull out their laptops. Learn by doing, demonstrate progress or share their wins.


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