What is a brand strategy?

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A Brand Strategy is a statement and set of guiding principles that clearly articulate who and what the organization stands for, and an aspirational brand position.

When communicated and adopted in the organization (or destination) the Brand Strategy should facilitate the desired pattern of decision-making that moves the organization towards the aspired goals and future brand position.

“A brand strategy clarifies what the city stands for, what makes it special, what it wants to become, and how to prioritize actions to achieve that vision. The brand strategy should pinpoint a clear brand vision, positioning, verbal and visual identity, public diplomacy, communications, experience delivery and placemaking on behalf of the location.”

“Unless a brand is adopted, supported, and given life by stakeholders and partners, it will amount to nothing more than a logo or tagline on a piece of paper or website. The many points of contact between customers and the location are where the brand is built. Each of these critical touchpoints, i.e., the customer journey, before, during and after the visit – has a vital role in building and supplying brand experiences.”

(from “Place Branding for Small Cities, Regions and Downtowns: The Essentials for Successful Destinations” by Bill Baker)


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