URGENT: We reveal grants, available right now.

Listen to it like a podcast!

This blog heading just got your attention, right?

Now imagine the open rate if you used it in your next newsletter as the subject line. I dare you to try it (just once…).

Your mission is to do a bit of research and (just once) include grants in your newsletter to find out if will be massively valued by your industry.

Here is the easiest way to test it…

Just have a bit of text in your newsletter that says something like, GRANTS CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Have a just little teaser text giving the reader a bit of an idea of what’s behind the click, and include a button that says something like REVEAL GRANTS. This button links to a page (say, a blog post) on your website with a list of the grants you’ve found, with links to more info on each. Check out the stats of the number of visits to this page in Google Analytics or whatever you use, for the day (or few days after) you send your newsletter.

My bet is;

  • You’ll get a higher open rate using that subject line than you usually get
  • You’ll get more readers click links in the newsletter (a stat you should be able to see in your email marketing platform)
  • You’ll get more traffic to your blog that week.

Here are 3 reasons you should do it straight away;

  • Imagine the value you would add to a member’s business if, via your newsletter, they won a grant to expand or improve their business. Through you. You’d never lose them as a member, and they’d rave about you.
  • It gives your newsletter recipients a strong reason to forward your newsletter to a friend, increasing your reach and relevance.
  • It will increase the percentage of successful applicants for that grant, from within your industry. It will accelerate your impact through the growth of businesses in the region.
  • Your own awareness of what is around will increase, and you will be able to use it in conversation with indiviudal members. They will have even more love and respcet for your care and knowledge of the industry and their business.

Imagine the impact you could have on your members, for what – I’m guessing – maybe 30 minutes a month?





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