The one thing operators want from their consumer website listing.

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I know how painful it can be to get operators to manage their own ATDW profiles and act like it matters.

But RTOs need to sell it better too.

The one thing tourism businesses want from your destination website, is sales.

However their objectives of listing on your site is to raise their brand awareness, look like they are presence in the tourism industry, and get more clicks through to their website.

What you can’t control, is if they close the sale.

What you can control, is how their business looks on your website and how prominent it is.


ATDW data fed through is not only enough.

Your visitors are looking to qualify which products and services to engage with or buy from.

If you don’t also give them TripAdvisor, Google or Facebook reviews and links, your visitor will look for it on their own.

This increases their chance of leaving your website to get it, do their comparisons and not come back.

To hold your visitors attention you owe it to operators, to hold them accountable to have a good looking listing, with;

  • language the attracts their target customers
  • recent high quality reviews on each of the major platforms
  • great, personalised images (not stock images and not shared assets – their own)

Teach them that if they do this, they are more likely to achieve their objectives on your website.


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