The one question to ask before you start any new project.

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Whether your a tourism business or a destination marketing organisation, projects arise.

A new website. A refresh of the marketing material. A re-brand. A campaign. Reviewing the visitor experience. The list could as infinite as the jobs seem to be.

Before you start pushing pixels, arguing over copywriting, or debating where the logo should include a graphic element, there’s one critical question, one missing link, that almost everyone misses.

What is the strategy?

Here are some examples from other places in life that demonstrate just how nonsensical it would be, to skip strategy;

  • How would a sports coach ever be able to plan to tackle an opposition, without a strategy?
  • No one ever ran a marathon without first thinking something like ‘I’m going to build up my distance over time….’. No one just goes out and runs without a strategy to achieve their goal. Even if they don’t realize they have a strategy, they do.
  • No at war General’s first decision is where they are going to send which platoons and resources. They decide on a strategy that is achievable, is within their capabilities, with the available resources and time they have.

With goals or objectives in mind, each defines a strategy and only then creates a plan to implement it.

Before you doing anything in your business, for your destination answer – what is the strategy?


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