Thank your existing members like you fuss over new ones, even if you don’t have the time to.

Listen to it like a podcast!

In my 20s I lead a local art and craft wholesalers through a significant growth period in the business. If you’ve ever experienced that in a small to medium-sized business, you’ll know just how challenging it can be, but also how much personal growth many of the employees (including yourself) will experience.

About 4 years after I left the organisation, I had a staff contact me via LinkedIn. She was reaching out to say thank you. Thank you, for writing a small handwritten note in appreciation for the great job she was doing at the time.

4 years later, she still had it. If that was an email, she wouldn’t have printed it out. Nor probably have access to it at all.

This was nearly 15 years ago now. In today’s digital world, the cut-through of a small handwritten note will be even stronger. Even more meaningful.

Want to start with something more scalable?

Create a video thank-you message from your team.

Sometimes, it can come across a little disingenuous when it comes from the leader of the organisation. A little elite. Like, I’m here on video but you’ve never heard from me otherwise.

The team, on the other hand, they are the familiar face of the organisation. Publish the video on the industry website, on social media profiles, and via your email newsletter.

You can also host an annual event to say “thank you” to your members. A member lunch, picnic, Christmas party, or another fun gathering.

Or simply pick up the phone and call.

Not when their membership fee is due, nor to follow up a famil, or media opportunity. Just to see how they are going and if they need help with anything right now that may align with something you have coming up or currently available.

If you want to keep your members – thank them out of the blue, as you fuss over someone that has just signed up for the first time.


This cover image is a photo taken in Lightning Ridge. The original artwork is by It’s one of the best things going about Lightning Ridge which is an otherwise very rugged place in Outback NSW.


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