Stop teaching ‘Get China ready’.

Listen to it like a podcast!

For the last 5 years I’ve been training tourism industry operators, and one thing hasn’t changed; their ability, or lack thereof, to effectively market their business.

Yet RTOs continue to prioritise ‘Get X market ready’ material and training content over basic marketing aptitude.

Most small operators (with no internal marketing team) have very little idea what marketing to do next and how to do it.

Basics like focusing on building a remarkable product, service, or team, communicating through effective language or review acquisition, aren’t core skills they have mastered.

Help your operators walk, before they run.

If a business’ core audience is the China market (or insert any international market with strong cultural differences) their is every chance they already have a suitable handle on servicing this market.

But if a business’ core audience is not an international market, presenting them with ‘Get X ready’ will simply confuse them.

Do I need this with? Am I missing out on an opportunity? Others are probably going, maybe I should? The DMO wouldn’t be offering it if I didn’t need it, right?

Why confuse your tourism operators with this messaging when they’re not even doing to the basics exceptionally well?

All you will do is dilute their existing efforts or needs, or waste their time.

Maybe, there is value targeting international readiness training at larger businesses with international markets as cutomers.

Arguably, ‘maybe’ at best.

But it sure isn’t for everyone.[Image]


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