Simplify how you communicate your Destination Brand; or your operators won’t care.

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If you want to create an excellent visitor experience, you need to achieve two things.

You need to create an excellent experience at the coalface where visitors interact with products, services, and experiences.

You also need to coordinate stakeholders and tourism products to create seamless, connected, and memorable experiences.

To do this, operators need to be encouraged and coordinated to deliver consistent, cohesive, and connected experiences.

As leaders for our tourism operators, we should take the marketing jargon out of our mouth.

Instead, use simple, relatable language, which helps them grasp who our key visitor types are and what kind of experience they are looking for from our destination.

You will call it your destination brand or your destination DNA. Perhaps your destination demographics or archetypes.

Your tourism members call it the customer standing in front of them. As simple as that.

Our opportunity is to teach them what the collective narrative is for your region.

Show them how significant their contribution is to influence the brand perception a visitor takes with them.

Which we both know is incredibly important for inspiring future visitation.

So how do we do this?

Engage your industry in branding projects, invite them to meetings, provide training beyond tools in tactics alone.

Teach them the importance of your collective narrative and what your long-term goal is for the destination brand.


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