Review aquisition is not just for your members.

Listen to it like a podcast!

Review acquisition does two important things.

It takes risk out of the buying decision for prospective customers.

It helps the business or organisation being reviewed know how they’re going and what they need to improve.

It is therefore vital for most businesses or organisations to have a plan to acquire reviews and to make sure they’re good.

Do you consistently poll, survey or question members about their satisfaction levels around membership?

Do you lead members to Google Reviews to drop a positive word?

In the 5 years that my company was a member with our local RTO (whom I absolutely adore to this day), I was never coaxed or suggested to drop a review, despite being in probably the top 5-10% most engaged members with only positive things to say.

Review acquisition shouldn’t just be for your member’s businesses. It is for you as well.

Develop a review acquisition strategy to support your sales team, and to improve your offering.

Hand pick the members you ask to drop a review on Google.

Your top 10 percent.

Because, I’ll say it again, what you say about your brand is not nearly as important as what others say.



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