PART 2: A simple message creation framework to help you sell more memberships.

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PART 1 (covered in this previous post)

  • Define the aspirational identity of your members.
  • Define what your members (and potential members) want.
  • Define their problems, as they relate to your service.

PART 2 (we’re covering in this post)

  • Demonstrate empathy and authority.
  • Clearly communicate your process and calls to action.
  • Define what success looks like.

Demonstrate empathy and authority

Leadership expert, John Maxwell once wrote ‘people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care’. What you have done by defining the messages in PART 1 is (specifcally identifying their problems as they relate to your offering) agiatate a pain point. If you have done it right, by choosing the right words, you have created what Storybrand founder Donald Miller would refer to it as ‘A story loop’. Your prospect is now looking to close this loop and this where you enter their story.

Your customer/member/prospect is the hero of the story. They a Luke Skywalker; you are Yoda. You have empathy, experience, and answers. Everything they need right now. You are the guide.

Now it is time to demonstrate it.

Empathizing goes like this;

  • ¬†We understand how lonely it can feel, some of our team members have run tourism business too and some of the stories they have share… etc.
  • We have family and friends doing exactly what you are – we know it is incredibly tough running a small business.

Authority goes like this;

  • We work with 100’s of businesses just like yours every year
  • We have members who started as a one-person business, now running a thriving 20 person business.

What can you say that demonstrates your capacity to solve the problems you have agitated?

Clearly communicate your process and calls to action.

An incredibly important and often overlooked job of improving your messaging is to clarify your process. How does a customer/member do business with you? We are often so close to our product or service that we fail to clearly communicate how to do business with us. It is simply obvious to us, so we think it is to other people too.

Yours may look something like;

  1. Review the membership options to find the right level for your business
  2. Fill in the membership application online
  3. We make contact with you to learn more about your business
  4. You will receive a welcome pack and your first invoice
  5. Our team will onboard you to make sure you get the most out of your membership

See how clear that makes it to someone who hasn’t worked with you before?

Define what success looks like.

  • Grow your business
  • Develop a strong network of industry pros
  • Finally, feel like you find your tribe
  • Learn how to grow a tourism business
  • Build a business you are proud of and influence your home region
  • etc.

Now that you have the messaging, it is time to communicate it to your team and start to sprinkle it through everything you do.

I stand on the shoulders of giants – this process has been adapted from the Storybrand framework by Donald Miller. I initially found Donald’s content through YouTube. To go deeper into his processes I then read his book. Since 2017 I have been gradually adapting the framework to work for myself and my clients. Without this framework, I truly believe I would be a far less capable brand marketer. Thanks, Donald!


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