Packaging. Should you be helping operators, and do they even care?

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I was involved in the development of an Industry Vision and Industry Development Plan for a small coastal Borough, Queenscliff (Queenscliff and Point Lonsdale), in Victoria.

During the insights gathering process we interviewed businesses throughout the towns.

We asked the question – Rate the potential for each of these value-adding initiatives for your business;

  • Packaging with others
  • Ecommerce, social and online orders
  • Additional products and services
  • Marketing strategy
  • Staff Development

‘Packaging with others’, ranked highest.

I suspect if you ask a similar question in your region, you’d get a similar answer.

Yet I’ve never heard of a destination facilitating a workshop to help to uncover or establish collaboration opportunities among members. Have you?

So why do most DMO’s struggle to lead this?

Is it the DMO who should be?

If not you, whom?


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