Inside the DMO; training your team to assess your tourism operators.

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The roles in your team are varied in both what their role entails, and which of the Destination Marketing Organsiation stakeholders individuals typically deal with.

One thing we both know is certain is that every member of the team ultimately serves members (operators in the tourism region), to some degree.

Therefore, it is critically important that each of your staff understands the type of members you have.

The key is not understanding segments per se.

We all intuitively know a winery has different needs to an accommodation provider.

The key is understanding that our regional tourism business owners and managers are at different stages of their business journey.

As such they need different things to one another.

They may have different internal resources, access to capital and people.

Our job is to identify where they are and create a plan to meet them there, not behind or in front but right where they are. Then identify what they need to move to the next step, and provide it.

Although it may not be everyone’s role to hold the operators’ hands through the process, every operator will benefit if each member of your team has been trained to understand and identify at which stage of the business and tourism marketing journey they are at.

As a collective you’ll better understand the needs of industry and be more informed to align individual operators with opportunities you offer.

Training, promotions, packaging or introductions.

If every operator will benefit in some way, whether immediately tangible or more indirect, then it requires you to answer the question…

‘How do we ensure every staff member knows how to identify where our members are at in their business journey, and how do we capture that information, in a low friction, easy and accurate manner that can serve decision making for industry as a collective, and to impact individual operators.’



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